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  • 2019.11.07

    Announcement Regarding Counterfeit Goods

    Announcement Regarding Counterfeit Goods Great thanks to the fans of Tai-Hao keycaps all over the world. We are so blessed to have you supporting us. Your passion always encourages us moving forward to develop creative and innovative keycaps. Rubberized keycap is Tai-Hao’s classic invention and it’s been broadly used by gamers these days. However, lately we found counterfeit goods sold on and it’s difficult for normal users to tell them from genuine ones. The counterfeit has 99% similar appearance, in the meantime the seller completely copies the product descriptions from our website. They even post some pictures of Tai-Hao genuine rubberized keycap to cheat customers. This is our official announcement, as well as the reminder for all the fans of Tai-Hao keycap. Please do not buy rubberized keycaps from ebay or Amazon sellers or any online store who are not Tai-Hao’s authorized resellers. Compared with authentic Tai-Hao rubberized keycaps, the counterfeit has lower quality rubber which cannot provide excellent gaming experience at all. Meanwhile the shine-through performance is not good, either. We will definitely take further action to protect our right. Before the counterfeit goods disappears from the market, please do not buy rubberized keycaps from unauthorized sellers. Thanks again for the support from all the fans of Tai-Hao keycaps. We will always keeping working to make the keycap world better for you all!

  • 2019.05.21

    2019 Computex Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 /4 Floor Booth No.:L0405a

    2019 Computex Taipei Time: 2019/5/28~2019/6/1 Address:Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 /4 Floor Booth No.:L0405a 2019 Computex Taipei 活動時間:2019/5/28~2019/6/1 活動地點:南港一館 / 4 樓 攤位: L0405a

  • 2018.05.18

    Jukebox Cubic Keycap Set

    Jukebox Cubic Keycap Set(111 Keys)

  • 2018.05.18

    Sin City Cubic Keycap Set (112-Keys)

    Tai-Hao Sin City Cubic Keycap Set (112-Keys)

  • 2018.05.18

    2018 Computex Taipei BOOTH NO.HALL1--3F B09 VIP ROOM

    2018 Computex Taipei Time: 2018/6/5~6/9 Address:Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 3F Room B09 2018 Computex Taipei 活動時間:06/05-06/09 9:00-18:00 活動地點:台北世貿一館 三樓B09室 誠摯邀請您於6月5到9日至世貿一館 三樓3B09室

  • 2016.12.06

    ABS Backlit Vintage fasion keycaps

  • 2016.11.17

    PBT Backlit keycaps

    PBT Backlit keycaps

  • 2016.08.23

    ABS backlit keycaps

  • 2016.06.20




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