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公司介紹About Us



Tai-Hao was founded enterprise in Panchiao city, Taiwan at an initial capital investment of USD20, manufacturing and selling of PVC pipe at local Taiwan Market from very beginning.
Tai-Hao established the 1st factory in Tucheng City, Taiwan with 10pcs double injection machines of keyboard keycaps & automatic keyswitch assembler machine and sold the keycaps/keyswitches to local keyboard makers.
Tai-Hao established its headquarter in Taipei, Taiwan and started to promote the goods overseas.
Tai-Hao has stepped over to manufacture Keyboard with its own outstanding injection ability & the advantage of being a upline factory manufacturer of keyboard keycaps & keyswitches.
Tai-Hao increased its capital to US$200,000
Tai-Hao established its US branch office with the target of further expansion in the global market & increased its capital to US$400,000
Tai-Hao established its 2nd Taiwan factories in Panchiao City, Taiwan
In regard of rapidly increasing sales and a policy requiring to move its factory overseas, Tai-Hao has established its 1st production facility in ZhaoQing City, Mainland China and the annual revenue is up to 8 million US dollars
Passed ISO-9002 for the 1st production factory in ZhaoQing City, Mainland China
Tai-Hao has involved in the development of E-Commerce products such as the PC/SC compliance Smart Card Reader/Keyboard, Fingerprint Reader/Keyboard & Multifuntion Kiosk with useful and powerful application softwares
Tai-Hao increased its capital to approximately 1.5 million US dollars
Tai-Hao has started to develop optical mouse /3D scrolling mouse/RF cordless mouse/2.4ghz cordless mouse/Bluetooth mouse…
2001 :
Tai-Hao has established it's 2nd factory in Bao'An City/Shenzhen, Mainland China with more than 800 employees and has produced more than 400 thousand keyboards & 100 thousand Mouse a month, with annual revenue of more than 20 million US dollars .
2002 :
Passed ISO-9001:2000 for the 2nd factory in Bao'An City/Shenzhen, Mainland China .
2002 :
Tai-Hao has continued to develop MP3/USB flash drive due to the prevailing of portable multimedia player & market trend. From now, Tai-Hao has stepped over to the field of consumer products
2003 :
Tai-Hao has extended its product line to Bluetooth headset /keyboard/mouse/USB dongle.
2004 :
with annual revenue of more than 22 million US dollars.
2005 :
Facing hard competition from China makers, Tai-Hao has been buying more equipment like Laser injection machine, Power Generator, RoHS test machine.. to make ourselves more competitive in the computer industry
2006 :
Facing low price competition from China, Tai-Hao give up the market of MP3 & Pen Drive products.
2007 :
Tai-Hao has developed revolutionary Rubber+Plastic Soft Keycap to be used in the keyboard and selling it with SoftKey brand.
2008 :
Facing The Financial Tsunami, Tai-Hao made a change to develop Bike relative products like Head Light, Brake Light.
2009 :
Tai-Hao has developed Solar Bike Light successfully and joined 2009 International Bike Show .
2010 :
Tai-Hao has won a government project of smart card reader keyboard .
2011 :
Tai-Hao has developed LED illuminated membrane keyboard to replace old EL skill backlit keyboard for longer lighting life.
2012 :
Tai-Hao has start developing gaming keyboard & mouse with professional gaming driver for gaming market .
2013 :
With 30years experience of keycap skill, Tai-Hao has developed Cherry MX double shot keycaps.
Tai-Hao has announced a series of ABS double shot keycaps and establish reputation of Clicker brand  
Tai-Hao has announced PBT double shot keycaps and obtained an amazing feedback overseas .